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Founded by Kailash Sharma, Renuka Sharma and Dharmendra Giri, the Rural Uthaan Mission* operates with the Broader -minded focus of Enhancing the Lives of Rural India. Our vision is rural enhancement through Deep employable processes, modern technology and Moral values. 

We believe that Majority of our population in India resides in villages and we cannot be rated as a developed country until we fulfill the basic needs in the lives of people in rural India. At rural uthaan mission*, we believe that the partnership of rural India with corporates, young urban India, the Government and other like- minded foundations and NGOs is the key to create a permanent and sustainable change for our rural families. 

We aim to bring like-minded people, best practices and innovative thinking by engaging with the rural population and bringing together the best global practices, processes, technology, corporate thinking and accountability and the highest standards of corporate governance to create a model of sustainable development, which is a benchmark in the industry and can be replicated at a large scale. We strongly believe in collaboration and working with multiple partners including other foundations, NGOs, corporates and the government. 

Our Mission is to empower 1 million rural Indians in first 5-6 years, creating a permanent, sustainable change in lives of the rural people. We believe in a holistic and step by step Change with focus on three key verticals – Rural awareness, Rural Education/Skillset and Employment, and Rural health. This model empowers our communities with the capability of creating choices for themselves and their families, allowing them to transform their own lives and ensuring a permanent and sustainable change in their lives. We will Integrate the awareness among Rural folks so that they can have access to the govt policies for their betterment. 

Our strategy is: Awareness, Engagement, Empowerment, Deployment, Effective measurements, to engage rural communities with corporates and young urban India, Not-for-profit organizations and governments and empower our communities to execute programs that transform their own lives in country. 

Our strength is our strong Corporate experience and extensive experience in the CSR and social activities and our full-time staff of specialists and professionals at the grassroots, making us a strong execution foundation.

Kailash Sharma and Renuka Sharma and Dharmendra Giri Founder Directors

It's our unshakeable belief that India will never achieve its true growth story until the rural sector of the country is empowered to make choices and transform their own lives. With this thought, we initiated SUPPORT OTHERS initiatives like imparting skills to youths, supporting poor people in rural areas, health services Today SUPPRT OTHES has metamorphosed into the Rural Uthaan Mission Foundation with a mission to enhance the lives of of 1 million lives in 5-6 years through 360-degree development across Health, Education, Water & Sanitation and Economic Development. Our aim is to create a model for sustenance development that can be replicated at scale across India.

While we, with our strong team and volunteers at the Rural Uthaan Mission, strive hard to find out the solutions and will try to implement but we need support from all the likeminded people in this space. We strongly believe in a collaborative model and work with multiple partners which include NGOs, other foundations, the government and corporates. We at the rural uthaan mission Foundation are committed and happy to go. We can contribute substantially to India's growth story.

Second director have always dreamt of One India, an India where the Urban – Rural divide doesn't exist. We hope that you will pledge your support to the rural uthaan mission Foundation, to our Rural communities. Pledge to support their dreams with the same passion as we pursue our own. Pledge to become a part of their world and welcome them to ours. 

Third director always believes that Rural India enhancement is must for the country India upliftment. He strongly believes that technology can Play Vital role in delivering the sustainable change among the rural bring the change in the life’s.


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