Product Partners

Individuals, Institutions and Corporates can help us with their products in any/all the thematic areas listed above. For example:

  • Skills Kits per which business they are in like technician’s kits, electronics kits, simulation kits, robots etc., skills center’s ownerships
  • Sanitation: Modular Toilet block, brick, cement, tiles, taps, pipelines, storage tanks; sanitary napkins etc.
  • Education: Books, Stationary, new or used Computers/ laptops, Data cards, LCDs, book shelves, Libraries, Teacher Training help, curriculum designing, school’s buses, furniture- benches, toys etc.
  • Health: Ambulances, medicines, Training the paramedics, Call center facilities, fortified food/ supplements etc.
  • Agriculture: Drip irrigation systems/ equipment, HDPE non-woven fabric for water storage structures, saplings, fertilizers, soil nourishing micronutrients, sprinklers, high yielding seeds etc.
  • Digital WebEx rooms facilities for digital awareness, Wi-Fi zones for rural areas

Our donors are our heroes