At the rural uthaan missiom, we are committed for setting the highest benchmarks for ourselves and our partners to ensure the best available Practices and services for our Rural Folks and for our volunteers. Transparency and good governance are natural-ingredients.

We are a people first organization strongly believing in team work, personal development, diversity and leadership across-stakeholders.Customer First approach for the projects beneficiaries , rather than other way around and CAN DO mind set. Be Part Of solution and Not be part of problem.

Rural Uthaan Missiom Happy Village:

  • Rural uthaan missiom Happy Village community will be empowered with the capability to transform their own lives. They will be able to create choices for themselves and their families.
  • Every home in our community will have easy access to safe drinking water as per accepted health standards as well as other domestic water needs.
  • Every home will have a toilet.
  • Every street has some part of light to have good access in border areas
  • Every family will be empowered with the capability of increasing their income at twice the rate of the economic growth of the country.
  • Every family will have a bank account and access to formal credit.
  • Every family will have Insurance for medical need

A rural uthaan missiom Happy Village will have The Youth committees, Farmers committee, Digital committes,Senior citizens groups, Central News rooms , women power committee, Health committees, Financial enhancement committee, Government schemes/Policies/employment information cell.

Every family will have health insurance and access to public and private health care facilities for both primary and secondary healthcare.In a rural uthaan missiom Happy village, every child will go to school till the 10th standard. An enabling environment for the education of the girl child will be ensured.Each rural uthaan missiom Village will have Employment Integrated Cell net career counselling Centre which will include the council skill Centre and self-development Centre. 

Each rural uthaan missiom Village will have Wi-Fi Centre and CCTV on few critical joints School leadership and teachers will be trained, motivated and exposed to best practices in the field. Critically, the community will be empowered to monitor their schools effectively. 

A rural uthaan missiom village will be Exposed to the world using Digital technologies, Agriculture technologies, Green technologies and will be made aware about environmental and socially conscious and driven towards equitable and sustainable growth.