Rural Skills/ Employment

Impart skills to the unemployed youth and support getting employment

Rural Skills and Employments

Empowering young educated and less educated unemployed youth by imparting the required skills on technical/non-technical competencies, communication skills and leadership skills and giving 10000 Jobs in next few years. Creating self-help groups which can support others. Surveys and data analytics. Digital learning, Rural skills labs, Skills In electronics, Communication, agriculture, Dairy, textile, security etc., and connect with all skill councils.

rural uthaan mission, our livelihood program focuses on multiple platforms ranging from skilling, employability, training & job placement to establishing small business enterprises. 


  • Enhancement of the condition of schools with technical and digitalization in mind
  • Skilling the Rural Unemployed educated and less educated youth
  • Connecting and facilitating the Jobs in Govt, Private, self-help groups etc.

Kailash pati Sharma: Founder Director

Kailash Pati Sharma has a Village back ground and who have done bachelor of science and then Engineering in electronics and communication. he himself have studied in the Govt schools and have seen the pain and Rural ecosystem himself. He has worked in many multinational at very senior positions and have been awarded many awards like Gandhi seva medal, Platinum, Gold awards on Great service to corporate world, very prestigious awards for working on getting employment and enhancing the rural infrastructure.

Dharmendra Giri : Founder Director

Dharmendra Giri is the well-known name in the Analytics industry and have worked in many companies including Dell and Right working in US Dell computers. Dharmendra is real thinker and have deep insight’s in the rural economy and always believe that Rural India enhancement is must for the country India upliftment. He strongly believes that technology can Play Vital role in delivering the sustainable change among the rural India.

Renuka Sharma: Founder & Managing Director, rural uthaan mission Foundation

Renuka is the Founder Director of the rural uthaan mission Foundation & works full time as its Managing Director. Renuka have done Bed, BCOM from Jammu and have insights on the JK rural economy and have done many local for betterment of society in rural areas